Electronics Cooling

Process Flow has extensive experience in electronics cooling. Simulating a single component in detail or modeling larger units and cabinets is fast and very reliable. All the relevant heat transfer phenomena: convection, conduction and radiation, are included. When needed even mass transfer, thermal deformations and explosions can be modeled.

Electronics cooling has been a substantial part of our business for more than 10 years, providing Process Flow with a vast amount of experience on different kinds of equipment and novel cooling solutions.

  • standardized and detailed thermal simulation of single components
  • accurate thermal simulation of circuit boards, accounting for copper layers and conductors
  • liquid cooling, heat sinks and fins and their optimization
  • detailed cooling fan simulations, fan operation is linked to the local heat load and fan performance curve
  • modeling of large sets of equipment
  • thermal stress distribution in the structure and heat related deformations
  • equipment miniaturization
  • Icepak modeling