Process Flow was founded in Turku on 4 May 1992 and it is the first finnish company to provide CFD services. Since its inception, the company has been offering expert Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) services to industry.

In the beginning, Process Flow was owned by four entrepreneurs. The strong industrial and academic background of the persons involved enabled the generation and further development of high-quality expertise. In the early 90’s, Process Flow Ltd became a pioneer in industrial applications of CFD in Finland. The company produced expert services using both its own CFD software and academic software.

As the decade wore on, numerical computation became more widely used in industry, and in 1997 the company began to use and represent Fluent. At the time Fluent was already the global market leader in CFD software. In 2007, Fluent was acquired by the American company ANSYS, that until then had been most widely known as a manufacturer of structural analysis software. Some years earlier, ANSYS had obtained ownership of CFX, another CFD software company. CFX had been Fluent’s number one competitor, and as a result of the acquisition ANSYS became market leader in CFD software.

With Process Flow becoming an ANSYS channel partner, the company decided to also invest in expertise in structural analysis and multiphysics. To honor its long-term efforts in the field, Fluent Europe LTD granted us a Distributor Excellence Award in 2001. The success has continued, as in 2007 Process Flow was named the best ANSYS distributor in the world and was given the Dominator award. In 2012 the company sold the marketing and sales of ANSYS software and focused solely on providing simulations and solutions for our customers.

These days Process Flow is known as a provider of outstanding CAE simulation and mathematical modeling services. We are the leading Finnish company when it comes to making high quality computational fluid dynamic simulations. In order to provide a full set of simulation services we have also extensively invested on structural analysis and mathematical modeling. The long line of traditions and pioneering attitude has created us a large knowledge-base that is used to find the best possible solutions for our customers.